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Bike Service & Repair

Exceeding Expectations

Center Street Cycles is a year-round, full service bicycle shop.  We service what we sell, plus all other makes and models of bicycles.  We do everything from fixing a flat tire to complete overhauls.  And we stand behind our work.  If you're not satisfied, bring it back for another look.

Simple Repairs

Simple Repairs can often be done “on the spot”, or at least the same-day.

Examples Include:

  • Inflate Tires – Air is still FREE.
  • Safety Inspection – FREE.
  • Install Tube - $10 (Labor only – most bikes).
  • Replace Spoke/True Wheels - $10 minimum (Labor only).
  • Derailleur Adjust/Lube chain - $10 minimum.

Tune-Up Package Options

Keep it simple - we offer two Tune-Up options to meet your service needs.  Tune-Up Packages are for Labor Only.  Does not include Parts.  And of course, if you want more than what is listed here, just ask.

Basic Tune-Up


  • Far from "Basic" - Our Tune-Up includes:
  • Complete Safety Inspection.
  • Wipe Down Frame and Wheels.
  • Adjust Brakes.
  • Adjust Derailleurs. 
  • Inspect/replace cables as needed. 
  • Clean, and Lube chain.
  • True Wheels, adjust bearings.
  • Check/adjust headset, and bottom bracket bearings as needed.
  • Inflate tires.
  • Test Ride.

The Super Tune


  • Show your bike some Love - Includes everything in our Basic Tune-Up plus:
  • Labor for complete drivetrain cleaning, or replacement.
  • More extensive bike cleaning.

Additional Services

  • Fork Service: 50 Hour $65.00
    • Drop lowers, clean and inspect, install new seals, wipers, new oil, etc...  Labor only.
  • Rear Shock Service: 50 Hour $45.00 
    • Remove and disassemble "Air Can", clean and inspect, install new seals, wipers, new oil, etc...  Labor only.
  • Tubeless Set-up/Refresh - $20 minimum.
    • We only do approved Tubeless set-ups – no “D.I.Y.” set-ups that you saw on YouTube.
  • Brake Bleed - $20 minimum.
  • Bicycle Assembly – $80 minimum.
  • Box Bike for Shipping - $75 minimum.
  • Ship your bike anywhere - we offer shipping through Bike Flights…ask for a quote.

Contact us to schedule your bike service today.